Kansas Goes Waco and Beats Baylor

In a game that started slowly for the favorites from Lawrence, the Kansas Jayhawks were deadly from the field and drilled the Baylor Bears 79-58 in front of only 8,700 fans at the Ferrell Center.

Love the Snoozers

It's a road game in the Big 12, right?  It's supposed to be difficult, right?  After all, they pounded KU the last time we visited Baylor.  Well, right?


It wasn't a game that got you up off the couch cheering.  It wasn't a game that made you yell at the big screen.  And, if you traveled to the game, you probably escaped Waco without ringing ears, a raspy voice, or a Coke cup to the back of the head.  Yeah, KU fans are spoiled, but this game was a ho-hummer, folks.  8,758 people just can't be wrong.

Kansas beat the Bears - but we were supposed to.  The margin (79-58 KU) was substantial, but it wasn't exactly a blowout.  The individual performances, though not singly spectacular, were around-the-horn solid, with Keith Langford's 19 points on 70% shooting from the floor leading the way.

Kansas shot 61% from the floor compared to 31% for the Bears.  Kansas ruled the paint on the offensive end, but the rebounding edge gave only a slight margin to KU.  The Jayhawks managed to take advantage of their opponents turnovers and their own ball movement and turned high percentage shots into points.  Baylor settled for long outside jumpers that didn't connect.  Ballgame.

Boxscore and Other Info

  • Game recap from Yahoo! Sports.
  • Boxscore from Yahoo! Sports.
  • Kansas improves to 18-5 overall, and 8-1 in league play.
  • KU's next game is at home against Iowa State on Sunday, February 16. Gametime is Noon (CST), and television coverage is provided by ESPN+.
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