J.R. Giddens celebrates

Giddens turns 18 today; awaits more good news

Kansas recruit J.R. Giddens turns 18 years old today. For his birthday the received unofficial word he would be competing in the McDonalds All American game in Cleveland next month.

On February 17th the top 100 finalists will be revealed while the final teams will be announced on February 27th on ESPN Sports Center.

"Nothing is confirmed until the 27th," cautioned Dianna Giddens. "J.R.'s coach was called last night. We are waiting for packages in the mail."

Three independent sources confirmed to Phog.net Giddens' name will be on the final list when the announcement is made later this month. Kansas fans also expect to hear David Padgett will be competing in the game.

"We are very happy right now," said Dianna. "But the most important thing is he will be going on to college."

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