Great Back Has Great Feeling

If you're looking for a fan-club of the new coaching staff, running back James Sims from Irving MacArthur High School would join in a heartbeat.

"Coach Gill is a really great guy.  My mom likes him and he is a great person to be around because he is so outgoing and funny," James Sims said.

Recruiting has come to a close for Sims, and he and his family don't mind that at all.  

"I am happy right now.  I was committed early so I could focus on my senior season.  There was no point in changing at the last minute.  I gave them my word and that was that."

Late in the process it seems like a couple of schools are rumored to be back in the hunt, but luckily for the new coaching staff, they didn't have to worry about James taking other visits and weighing his options.  Why made the Texas product stick with KU until the end of the process?

"I knew from day one that Kansas was the place to be at.  I met Coach Stamn and he was a really neat guy that I talked to all the way from the beginning of the staff change.  Shortly after meeting Coach I met, Coach Mitchell came along.  Me and Coach Mitchell get along really well."

James Sims might not be the biggest player for his position, or even the fastest, but doesn't mean very much when you start to examine his film.  He is definitely fast enough to make plays, but it is his vision and his change of direction skills that make Sims a potential issue for every defensive coordinator.

Throughout his career playing in Irving, TX, some different coaches had made the comment that they thought he was one of, if not the best running back in the Lone Star State.  How did James Sims react to these words of high praise?

"In my eyes I feel like I am one of the best backs in the state. When other people rate those kids they see them more often or sometimes rate them higher based on where they play.  Running backs all have different styles.  I think I am a powerful runner.  I like to go forward, I don't mess with all of that juking.  I direct my body straight forward."

How does Sims work on keeping his speed up?

"I run the all the relays in track, and I also do the triple-jump."

When he isn't spending time working out or studying, James Sims hangs out with a fellow Kansas commit, safety Ray Mitchell.
"He is a really close friend.  We'll probably end up being roommates.  Jeremiah Edwards and Ricki Herod are friends with us too so it's neat we'll be going up together."
Work ethic is something that Sims has been known for throughout his high school career, and he will continue to carry that over to the next level.

"I'm going to do whatever they need me to do.  I'm going to work really hard no matter what, and Coach told me that if I did I'll see playing time."

Todd Reesing has played his last snap as Kansas' starting quarterback, so Sims might get to wear the number he covets when he comes to Lawrence.

"I've had the #5 ever since 8th grade.  I would love to wear it when I'm in crimson and blue."

If he did inherit the number of arguably the greatest quarterback in school history, James Sims would have some big shoes to fill from the moment he arrived in the Lawrence City Limits. Top Stories