Sleeper is Ready

As one of the last commits for the 2010 class, Keba Agostinho is relieved. Not only is he relieved, but he is also ready. When he was asked how it feels to be a Jayhawk, his answer was crisp and confident.

"Oh it feels great.  I am so glad to have all the stress off of me.  There is no weight on me anymore," Keba Agostinho said.

The defensive end from James E. Taylor High School in Katy, TX was recruited by Buddy Wyatt to Kansas, and he is excited to be a part of Turner Gill's first class in Lawrence.

"It feels good to come on board because we have a chance to be part of something great.  I'm looking forward to the next 4-5 years.  We really have an opportunity to come in and do well."

Are Keba and his parents happy to have the process over with?

"Definitely, I mean, my whole process has been stressful from the beginning because I'm a sleeper. I knew I had the ability to play somewhere big."

What other schools were recruiting Agostinho the hardest?

"Texas A&M, TCU, Louisiana-Monroe, Oklahoma State, and Baylor were recruiting me.  Then Kansas came in late with Coach Wyatt.  It was really hard to pick Kansas over Baylor, but I had a nice, long talk with my parents and coaches."

Why did he ultimately decide on the Jayhawks?

"If you want to win a Big XII championship, we felt that Kansas was a better fit.  I knew I had the ability to play somewhere big, so I decided to go to Lawrence ."

Did the talented defensive end talk to the coaching staff the day before signing day?

"I called the staff and talked to them.  They told me to call them and to tell them when I sent it. Me and 3 other guys signed.  I signed and I had everything faxed.  Coach Gill called me later too."
During the end of the hectic process, had the Katy product gotten to know Buddy Wyatt any better?

"I never met him, but he knew me. Texas A&M knew about me first when he was there.  He watched my tape but they didn't have a spot, so he couldn't do anything.  I kept hearing they liked it but then I got a call. We met up one Sunday to see him, and four or five days after I met him, he called and offered.  I've gotten to know him a lot more. I like his coaching style."  

What are Agostinho's goals for the rest of your senior year?
"Right now, my goal is to get that diploma in my hands and get on to college. I'm focusing on workouts."

The only other recruit that Keba knew was Dexter McDonald because they visited at the same time.  He is excited to get up to Lawrence and start working.

"I will bring 100% of me.  I think what I do best is use my hands, get off the ball, and use my speed.  I'll do whatever it takes to make us better."

That is the kind of talk that Turner Gill and Buddy Wyatt love to hear. Top Stories