Wilkes Week: Quotable Omar

Phog.net chit chats with Omar Wilkes. Wilkes Week may be winding down, but the CIF tournament is gearing up.

Loyola High defeated Thousand Oaks 79-47 on Friday in the first round of the Division IA CIF play offs. Next up for Loyola is Lancaster on Tuesday evening. The Cubs are looking to repeat as division champions and move on.

Phog.net talked with Omar Wilkes last week.

Final Four predictions:

Kansas and Arizona. After that it gets harder. Between my own team and Kansas and school, I have not watched as I could. I'll go with Louisville and Kentucky.

On younger brother Jordan Wilkes:

He is a nice kid. Maybe I am biased because he respects his big brother. He is humble. Once you get him to open up, he is really funny. He is very intelligent and really observant. He can be just silly.

He is a big man, 6'11 already. He probably has the best pure jump shot on the team.

On growing up the son of Jamaal Wilkes:

I don't think it made things easier for me. I kind of had to prove myself. But he has always been just a regular dad to me.

He never tried to push basketball on me. I just picked up on it on my own, though I did watch him and his friends play a lot. He just let it come to me. In was in me, with or without his influence.

On the Internet and fan sites:

At first I was really excited to see people discussing me on the Internet (during my recruitment.) I liked the attention. After a while, that wore off. I would see people twisting my words or sometimes even just making things up. After that I tried to stay away for a while. I tried to just not read it or not take it very seriously.

On recruiting mail from Kansas:

I got mail almost daily from Kansas. I like to dance, so they would send dance steps or stuff. They knew I really, really like Beyonce Knowles of Destiny's Child. They always sent me photoshop stuff and pictures of her. They knew the way to my heart.

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