Clock Ticks for Gibson

Houston high school senior Daniel Gibson scores 37 points in season-ending game, and he tantalizes us with this parting comment from our exclusive interview, "Stay tuned Thursday. They [Kansas fans] just might hear something they want to hear."

HOUSTON--Even Daniel Gibson's slender shoulders weren't enough to carry
Houston Jones on Tuesday night.  The 6-foot-3, 180-pound junior scored a game-high 37 points, including 15 in the third quarter, but Houston Kashmere still managed to race past the Falcons 83-75 in Class 4A regional quarterfinals action. 

The loss, which was witnessed by a nearly standing room only crowd of 2,500, ends Gibson's season two games short of the Class 4A state tournament. This season, he averaged 26 points for Houston Jones, which finishes with a 27-4 record.

On Thursday, Gibson is expected to announce his verbal commitment during an 11 a.m. press conference at Houston Jones High School. However, just minutes after Tuesday's game, caught up with a rather solemn Gibson for an exclusive face-to-face interview and quizzed him about his future. Do you have a favorite right now?

Gibson: "Yeah, Texas has a slight lead. I had great visits at Oklahoma and Kansas, which kind of caught them up a little bit, but neither school has caught up all the way." Your visit to Oklahoma last weekend included watching the Sooners host Kansas. Was that a positive or negative experience for you?

Gibson: "It's ironic you asked, because when I was getting on the plane to leave OU, the Kansas players were checking into the same airport at the same time. So I ended up talking and hanging out with Keith Langford, Aaron Miles and Wayne Simien again. It was like taking a visit to KU all over again." Can you still see yourself attending Kansas?

Gibson: "In a sense, yes I can." Have you reached a decision yet?

Gibson: "I kind of know a little bit, but Wednesday is going to be the night when my parents and I sit down and have a serious conversation. That's when we'll lay out each school and see where I best fit in when I get there." J.R. Giddens, a KU hoops signee from Oklahoma City, who sat with you during Sunday's Kansas-OU game, was recently quoted as saying "if he (you) sees KU's tradition, he'll pick KU." What's your response to those comments?

Gibson: "If it comes down to tradition, Kansas is over the top. When I visited Kansas, I learned a lot about old Kansas players and what they went on to do. It was a great experience for me." What's your opinion of J.R.?

Gibson: "That cat is crazy....he's a real cool dude with tremendous ups. I could definitely see myself playing with him." What interests you the most about Kansas?

Gibson: "I like the coaching staff, the players, the style of play. Everything just fits. It fits the way I play." What schools are you still considering?

Gibson: "Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas." Out of those schools, what are each school's odds of landing your verbal?

Gibson: "Texas--40 percent. Oklahoma and Kansas--30 percent
apiece." Any words of wisdom for Kansas fans?

Gibson: "Stay tuned Thursday. They just might hear something they want to
hear." Top Stories