Gibson: Obeying His Heart

Immediately following Thursday's press conference, Daniel Gibson sat down with's Thayer Evans and gave us the details surrounding his decision.

HOUSTON--Moments after Daniel Gibson gave his verbal commitment to Texas on Thursday, caught up with the Houston point guard for an exclusive face-to-face interview. Why didn't you pick Kansas?

Gibson: "I don't know. Sometimes you just have to look in your heart. I
guess God led me to believe that Texas is the place to be. There's no one
thing that definitely set Kansas and Texas apart." When was Coach Williams informed of your decision?

Gibson: "My dad told him last night. He said Coach Williams sounded kind of heartbroken. Coach Williams said there've been a couple of games where he needed a point guard to take over the game and score a couple of baskets. He said he didn't have that and was hoping I could come in and fill that void. I guess I couldn't do it." On Tuesday, you told Kansas fans to "stay tuned" for your
announcement today. Is there anything you'd like to tell the Jayhawk nation today?

Gibson: "Yeah, your school is great. Sorry I couldn't help you as far as
coming to the school, but you have a great program. Kansas has everything a high school kid looks for." Top Stories