Young Guns at the Jayhawk Invitational

After a long weekend of high-flying dunks and one 3\4 court buzzer beater, it's time to reflect a bit on the weekend as a whole. Instead of delving more into the 2011/2012 players we wrote about the last three days, today we'll take a brief look at the impressive youngsters from the 16s and 15s divisions. While not necessarily Kansas targets, these were the guys that impressed us the most.

Jayhawk Invitational 15s

Ishmael Wainwright, 6'6 SF, KC 76ers 2013

Wainwright got the pub before hand and certainly looked the part when we showed up. Built like a house and displaying great fluidity in his movement and jumper, it's hard not to love this kid's potential through high school, college, and beyond.

Khadre Lane, 6'2 SG\WG, KC Pump N Run 2014

This really young guard is already impressing. Despite picking up a small injury in an earlier game and not playing much on Sunday, Lane displayed excellent athleticism and size for someone about to enter his freshman year of high school. He also appears to possess deep range on his jumpshot. He will definitely be high on college coaches' lists for the next few years as someone to pay close attention to.

Shun Williams, 6'6 SF\PF, KC Pump N Run 2013

Somewhat of an unknown throughout the tournament, but this young combo forward looks to have some real potential. While he didn't show off much in the final against the 76ers, Williams did put in a solid effort to defend Ish Wainwright. My first thought was that the young forward was built similarly to Travon Bryant, but it's way too early to be talking about who his game compares to. With the coaching he'll receive in LJ Goolsby's program, it's hard not to see this young gun end up playing at the next level.

Jayhawk Invitational 16s

Marcus Smart, 6'4 SF, Texas Assault 2012

Smart is a powerful wing that uses his strength and physique to dominate his peers. He seemed to have a good handle on the ball and attacked the boards hard. We didn't see him shoot a ton jumpers in the finals, but the ones he did put up looked plenty smooth. He's a high major guard that will definitely see plenty of attention from Texas, west coast, and southern schools.

Nick Banyard, 6'6 PF, Texas Assault 2012

Banyard used his size and length to attack shots and rebounds alike, keeping his overmatched opponents from attacking the rim much at all this weekend. He is aggressive on the defensive end and helped shut down the Kingdom Hoops 16s squad. Top Stories