Burleson a Kansas target?

With the state tournaments in full swing and Spring AAU ball upon us, fans may be able to get a better idea of the top recruiting targets for Kansas.

Lyndale Burleson's name has come up as drawing some early interest from the Kansas staff. The 6'2 PG out of Seattle has basketball in his blood, with his older brother Kevin playing for Minnesota.

Last month recruiting analyst Dave Telep shared some information with Phog.net regarding Burleson.

(02.03.03) Telep's Take:

"Burleson is a close friend and AAU teammate of Marvin Williams. We thought that he's a guy with really good hands and was a good defender. At the 2002 Big Time, he appeared to be quite poised and looked like he was becoming comfortable as a scorer. However, with Aaron Brooks on his team, he's not the primary scoring option this year in high school and is averaging 8 a game which is a little surprising considering that he looked to be more of a scorer in the summer. Regardless, he's a player with great defensive ability and certainly one to watch in the 2004 point guard class."

Telep recently got another look at Burleson during a match up between Franklin and Garfield last week.

Brooks goes for 31 in win

(03.02.03) Telep's Take:

"He's got a nice body and sees the floor well but his offense just doesn't appear to be developed enough for the highest level."

Below is Burleson's shot chart for the game, which Kansas assistant Steve Robinson attended.

(c) Dave Telep

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