Phog First Look: Adam Woodbury

After a full weekend of viewing 2012 prospect Adam Woodbury, there is a lot to like about the young center.

Standing a legit 6'11 (at least), Adam Woodbury is a prospect on most Midwest high-major radars.  He moves well for his size and looks to have a frame capable of putting on good weight for the position.  He doesn't yet have the strength that you'd like to see in a big center, but his body looks like it is just barely starting to mature and fill out.

From a skills standpoint, Woodbury is reasonably advanced for his class.  He has a very soft baby hook over his right shoulder (he's left-handed) and turns very quick to his right side from the low block.  While he doesn't possess any counter moves yet, his size allows him to get that hook off over most defenders. He rarely steps outside of the paint to receive the ball, but his mechanics look fine in the small sample size of shots he did take. He'll need to work on his consistency from the charity stripe, where he was pretty inconsistent from one shot to the next. It's probably due to his lack of strength at this point, but for a 7-footer Woodbury spends a bit too much time playing below the rim. With added strength and maturity, he'll need to develop some power to his game so that he can finish through contact.

Being so tall, Woodbury will naturally be looked at as a shot-blocker. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't blessed much length in his arms and he struggles to impact the game from a defensive standpoint. He has the potential to defend the post well at the next level, as he clearly has good instincts and IQ, but much of that potential depends on his body filling out and his ability to build strength in his core and legs.

Woodbury has a great deal of potential as a college prospect, both defensively and offensively, and will likely be pursued by a bevy of high majors across the Midwest. Top Stories