KU Wants Southern California Lineman Peters

Bryan Peters is a 6'5" 300 lb. offensive tackle, and he knows what he is looking for when the time comes to make his college decision. Any high school senior wants to have the chance of early playing time, a good coaching staff, and the opportunity to get their degree in 4-5 years.

"I feel like college is a big decision to make, and you have to be comfortable with it.  Your education is a huge part of it, and I want to go into business as a major," Bryan Peters said.

One of Peters' other thoughts is that he would like to play for a National Championship, and above all else, he will work hard to get there.

"I can play where they want me to play, whether that is left tackle or somewhere else.  A lot of schools want me on the o-line, and I am willing to go to whatever position."

The La Mirada High School product views the game of football as a chess match. 

"There is obviously a lot of strategy involved, especially when it comes to the line.  On the o-line, you have to be in position at all times, and then you attack where you are supposed to.  My favorite part is getting in front of someone and knocking them down so that I can clear a lane or protect the quarterback."

Calls are coming in from across the country, and the recruiting process is really heating up for the versatile lineman.  Peters claims that it is too early to pick any favorites, but some of the schools he is hearing from a lot are Kansas, Hawaii, Nevada, and Wyoming.  There are numerous offers on the table, but one staff that has been communicating with him a lot is Kansas.

"I like the KU coaches a lot.  Coach Long and Coach Grimes have been talking to me, and I really like Coach Gill.  Coach Long is a Midwest guy, and he is very personable.  He watched me work out offered me a scholarship.  The entire coaching staff out at Kansas has done well, and that can only be a good thing."

Bryan knows that if he had his choice of a number in college, his would choose to wear #76.

"I like that number and have been wearing it, so if I get the opportunity to wear that in college, I will probably take it."

Although a decision is not likely to come anytime soon, Peters has an idea of when he might make his college selection.

"I might want to wait until after my senior season to decide.  Available playing time will be something I look at, and I want to play somewhere that I can win."

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