Nubine's Nasty Snag

During the course of a grueling season of football, it's not uncommon for fans to hear mention of a quarterback's tired arm, or a running back's tired legs.

But what about tired hands?

It happens, even to the most reliable receivers. Just ask Blue Springs (MO) High School senior wideout Jordan Nubine, after a day that started with seven-on-seven competition and ended with four straight hours of catching passes at Kansas head coach Turner Gill's first Friday Night Lights camp.

"My hands weren't all the way here," he said, evaluating his performance after the KU camp Friday night. "We had six, seven-on-seven games today, but other than that I felt like I did pretty good, one-on-one."

For most of the night, Nubine was better than merely "good." Though he doesn't possess elite speed, the big 6-foot-4 wide receiver has outstanding ball skills and elite hands when focused.

In fact, he turned in perhaps the play of the night during one-on-one competition. Using his strength to get past a cornerback trying to jam him at the line, Nubine ran a deep fade route and stumbled slightly while turning to find the football. Slightly overthrown, it would have been uncatchable for most receivers, but he simply stuck out one giant hand and plucked it from the air with ease.

The play drew smiles – and a few jests about illegal magnets hidden in his receivers gloves – from Jayhawks safeties coach Robert Wimberly.

"I'm known as a physical receiver and I also play tight end, so I'm more physical," Nubine explained. "I'm good at breaking off the line, getting past you and creating a little separation, and I've gotta get that speed to get away. But my hand strength is pretty good, yeah."

Though he doesn't have any offers as of yet,  that is sure to change in the near future. The local standout is picking up interest from likes of Kansas, Iowa State and Nebraska, and Nubine is doing what he can to promote himself. He recently attended camp at the University of Oklahoma where he made a name for himself with his size, hands and route-running ability.

Though it's still early in the process for him, Nubine likes the Jayhawks, and says the opportunity to play close to home would be a welcome one.

"I like the atmosphere," he said. "We got lost all through here (on the way to camp), we drove through the whole campus. The campus is great, the coaches are great. It's just great, period. I like it." Top Stories