Peters Picks KU

In a lot of ways, Bryan Peters visit to the University of Kansas this weekend was merely a formality.

In contact with the Jayhawks coaching staff since early spring, the 6-foot-5, 305-pound offensive lineman from La Mirada (Calif.) High School received an official scholarship offer from the program in May.

In the weeks that followed, Bryan Peters grew increasingly enamored with the idea of donning the Crimson and Blue, a feeling aided and abetted by the strong relationships he built with offensive line coach J.B. Grimes and offensive coordinator Chuck Long.

Still, he wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of pulling the trigger without first seeing first-hand what the Jayhawks had to offer.

"That's the reason I came here," Peters said, shortly after the conclusion of an unofficial visit to the Lawrence (Kan.) campus, Friday afternoon. "I knew that this was a definite, serious possibility for me, and I just needed to see the campus. I came here expecting to commit."

And while sitting in Grimes' office after a day of touring both the town and campus, that's exactly what he did.

"They were all excited," Peters said of the coaching staff. "Everyone had left, all the coaches had left besides Coach Grimes and Coach Long. They had all left for vacation. But (Grimes and Long) were really excited."

Though he comes from the West Coast, Peters isn't entirely unfamiliar with the Midwest. With family living in – and his his father hailing from – the region, Peters is already comfortable with the weather, atmosphere and general pace of life.

The city of Lawrence, however, was new to him, and left an indelible impression on the mammoth youth.

"Everyone in Lawrence, Kan. and the cities around it are Kansas Jayhawks football fans," Peters said. "I like that a lot. The students not involved in athletics, their school spirit is unbelievable."

With his commitment out of the way, Peters can now focus on his senior year with a clear mind.

"I knew that the perfect time to commit would be right now," he said. "I'm starting to get into summer workouts, we're getting ready for the upcoming season and now all I have to worry about is getting better and getting ready to have a good senior season." Top Stories