Expert's Take: Luke Luhrsen

Calling what Turner Gill and the Kansas Jayhawks are enjoying on the recruiting trail right now a mere "hot streak" might be selling it short.

Really, really short.

When Wheaton (Ill.) Warrenville South guard Luke Luhrsen made his commitment to Gill and Co. Monday night, he became the fourth offensive lineman to do so in as many days.

Already boasting scholarship offers from Bowling Green and Louisville, the 6-foot-4, 285-pound prospect earned one from Kansas after his dominating performance at the program's June 18 'Friday Night Lights' skills camp.

Shortly after news of Luhrsen's commitment went public Tuesday, spent a few minutes breaking down his game and recruitment with Allen Trieu,'s Midwest Region Recruiting Manager.

Q: Right now, what particular aspect of Luhrsen's game is the strongest? Where can he work to improve?

Allen Trieu: In watching his film, it's very obvious that his strong suit is in the run game. He gets off the ball very quickly and to put it mildly dominates the guy across from him. The guy across from him ends up on the ground in almost every single play on his clips.

But we don't get to see, and I did watch them a full game last year, is his pass blocking. They do throw the ball so he does have experience in that part of his game, but I think it's something he can still work on.

Q: Like most offensive line prospects looking to make the transition to BCS-level football, he'll undoubtedly have some bulking up to do once he hits campus. Some athletes can hold this weight easier than others. Is Luhrsen capable of packing on quality pounds?

AT: He's relatively thin-looking kid. He doesn't look like he's all the way filled out. He definitely has some room to grow, and I think he's a pretty strong kid already. I don't think that's really the issue. It's more just adding some weight and adding additional strength. But I definitely think he can do that once he gets into a college weight program.

Q: Where does he project along the offensive line in college? At tackle, or on the interior?

AT: I think it's definitely on the interior. I know he's mentioned that they would look at him at tackle, but at 6-foot-4.25 he's looking more like an interior guy. And the way he plays I think he is perfectly suited for the guard position. If he learns to snap I could see him at center, but for the moment if I had to guess I would say he sticks at guard.

Q: It's impossible to predict future results with anything approaching perfect accuracy, but in your mind is Luhrsen a prospect with the ability to become an impact player in the trenches for Kansas before his career is through?

AT: Absolutely. It's an inexact science and hard to project, but there are a couple of things you can look for as good indications of how a kid will do. Number One, he comes from a great high school program. They won a state championship last year, they've had a lot of guys go on and do well at the college level, and he gets great coaching in high school. I think that will help prepare him for the next level.

Also, he plays three sports, so he has the athleticism. He's a great student academically, so I don't think he's going to be a kid you have to worry about academically. He's gonna have things taken care of as far as those outside of football things that can distract kids once they get to the college level.

I think you combine those two things with the fact that he worked for this offer. He wasn't a kid who had a bunch of early offers and kind of went through the process and had a bunch of schools on him. He fought to get the three offers he had, including camping at Kansas to get that one. So he's a kid who is willing to put in the time, he has put in the time, and he has a lot of things going for him. There aren't too many negatives when you look at his resume on and off the football field.

Q: An offer list that includes the likes of Bowling Green, Kansas and Louisville is impressive in its own right, but it's not uncommon for players with his combination of size and athleticism to boast double-dibit scholarship offers. Was was the story with Luhrsen? Simple underexposure?

AT: I think he was just one of those kids who slipped under the radar. I don't think he got out there much. I mean, the three schools who saw him, the schools he camped with, offered him. There were a couple of other schools – he camped at Illinois and Northwestern – but they had offered other linemen already, and I think had they not gotten a couple of commits he was definitely one of the next in line.

So I think he almost certainly would have picked up more offers looking at his film and what he was able to do at summer camp. I think it was just a case of a kid sliding through the cracks a little bit and then by the time he started to pick up interest a lot of schools had offers out already. Top Stories