Phog First Look: Wannah Bail

In front of Kansas head coach Bill Self, junior-to-be Wannah Bail showed why he'll be one of the most coveted recruits in the stacked class of 2012.

The young prospect out of Sugarland, TX entered the Adidas Invitational - the first event of the July Evaluation Period for NCAA coaches - as somewhat of a mystery to Jayhawk fans. His name was floated a few weeks ago as a surprise participant in the Kansas Elite Camp, at which he reportedly drew some rave reviews. Today, peeled back the first layer of mystery on Bail and took in his first two games in person.

Just on looks alone, Bail is clearly an athlete. He stands a legitimate 6'9 with a long set of arms and legs. He moves fluidly and easily around the court, elevating high for jumpers and dunks in the layup line. In the games, that athleticism certainly shows through. He runs the floor like a wing and was able to move laterally quite well when guarding smaller players.

While the athletic ability of Bail is elite, his skill package is still a work in progress. He does possess a soft lefty jumper, that he can hit to a few feet beyond the college line. He's not particularly consistent as a shooter, but his arm and wrist mechanics all look to be sound. The release point on his shot can vary, causing the inconsistency, but there's definitely reason to believe Bail can be a good shooter on the college level. Since Bail appears to be gearing towards a career as a wing, he'll need to continue to expand his ballhandling ability. He's comfortable bringing the ball up court and has a cursory series of jab-step moves in the halfcourt, but the development of his advanced ball skills will go a long way toward determining his ultimate position at the next level.

Defensively, Bail has the chance to be a special player. He moves his feet well and bends easily into a defensive stance. His long arms and good instincts make him a good shotblocker, though he could stand to be a bit more aggressive on that end. If Bail can make a concerted effort to rebound at a high level - he tends to hang outside the paint a lot looking for fast breaks, rather than crashing the boards - he'll see his stock rise even further than it has in recent months.

Wannah Bail is a name for Jayhawk fans to watch for over the next few weeks, as his combination of athleticism and potential will certainly put him near the top of many coach's 2012 wishlists. Top Stories