Expert's Take: Michael Cummings

When the Kansas Jayhawks earned the pledge of Killeen (TX) High School quarterback Michael Cummings in early June, they added to their recruiting classes one of the most athletic and productive signal callers in the Lone Star State.

Recently, caught up with Greg Powers – Midlands Region Recruiting Manager – to break down the talented Texan's game and recruitment.

Q: Greg, can you start off by giving us a general overview of what you think of Michael Cummings as a prospect? He's currently ranked as a three-star talent, and the No. 57 quarterback in the country for 2011.

Greg Powers: Cummings is a guy who I have ranked right now not as highly as some of the other quarterbacks throughout the country, becaus ehe doesn't have the ideal size and some other programs and people who have evaluated his film believe he can play some other positions. But I really feel by watching his film that he has some intangibles.

You can see by his stats, by the type of numbers that he put up last year, that he has the potential to maybe do some really big things. You don't like to throw out comparisons to this guy or that guy, but his recruitment can even be talked about maybe similarly to Chase Daniel, who went to Missouri and ended up doing some really big things after he wasn't recruited really hard right out of the gate.

Cummings is a quarterback who puts up big numbers and is very successful, so that makes you think that could translate well to the college game and the type of offense that Kansas is running right now, where he's able to take control and be able to not only throw the ball, but use his feet as well to move the chains on the ground.

Q: Watching his film it's easy to see his athleticism, as Cummings shows powerful arm and very good speed for the position. What else does he do well?

GP: I think he throws well on the run. He keeps his eyes upfield, but he makes the right decision whether he needs to pull the ball down and run or throw it, and whenever a guy pops open when he's on the move he finds that guy and zips it in there. I think that was one of his best attributes. It's not one of the more classic attributes you tab on a quarterback, but he does that very well.

Q: In addition to the 2,500 yards he gained through the air at Killeen High School in 2009, Cummings ran for almost 1,000 more. Despite his size (He stands 5-foot-11), are his legs an asset he'll be able to lean on to that degree in college? Or will he have to reign his ground game in a bit?

GP: Traditionally in the Big 12, if you're not a real lethal running threat you're going to have to rely on your arm first, because that's what's going to open up things for you on the ground. He's definitely going to have to be a pass first quarterback, and being undersized that just means that he's going to have to work that much harder on his footwork and mechanics to find the throwing lanes that he needs to be able to utilize.

Q: Perhaps more than any other position, quarterback seems to be a spot where when the dominoes start to fall at the top of the food chain, schools will start looking for hidden gems to round out their recruiting classes. Is Cummings the type of guy we can expect to see receive some of that attention as his senior year unfolds and we inch closer to National Signing Day?

GP: Just being committed to a (Division One) school puts you on the radar of other D-1 programs. There are going to be schools if they're looking for a quarterback and they see a kid on a commitment list who looks pretty good, they're at least going to put out feelers on them. That happens all the time in recruiting. So I think there is always that possibility. Now, as far as actually hearing any buzz about any programs specifically targeting Cummings, at this point I haven't heard any. Top Stories