Interview with Wilkes: Fish wrap it

Omar Wilkes talks about Loyola's recent IA championship and the tournament ahead. Loyola just repeated as CIF IA champions. How are you feeling?

Omar Wilkes: I am really excited. We couldn't celebrate too much because we have a game coming up quickly on Tuesday. My coach said we had to fish wrap it. Fish wrap it?

Wilkes: Yeah, it is a saying in Seattle. You enjoy it but then wrap it up and throw it away. At the beginning of the season you told me your goal was to win state and beat Westchester. I assume that is still the goal?

Wilkes: Absolutely. I am more confident now than I was when I originally made that statement. Then I believed it, but now I know it. When we play to our potential, there is not a team in the state that can beat us. What makes Loyola a good team?

Wilkes: We have good chemistry. Lots of players are willing to sacrifice individual talents for the greater whole. We understand that better than any team in the state. Tell me about Chris Rucker.

Wilkes: Chris Rucker is an awesome force inside. He is not very big, but his heart makes up for his size. He goes after every rebound, every shot, gives it on every play. A lot of colleges are really missing out on a great player. It's late in the season. How are you feeling physically?

Wilkes: Don't tell my team, but my body is so tired and my ankle is giving way. I double tape it each game. But mentally I am really good. A little Ben Gay and Icy Hot and it's all good. That is your secret recipe? Ben Gay, Icy Hot, and double wrapped ankles?

Wilkes: Yes, that does it. I have to get used to it, because my seasons will get even longer. I plan to be playing late into March for the next four years. Top Stories