Kansas a player for Florida linebacker

As a junior at Fort Pierce (FL) Westwood High School last season, Wonderful Terrific Monds II racked up 10 sacks and almost 100 tackles. The Kansas Jayhawks set their sights on him early, and his father, also Wonderful Terrific Monds, recently spoke with Scout.com about the latest in his son's recruitment.

Wonderful Terrific Monds II.

His name alone is enough to cause a stir on recruiting message boards, but for college coaches to take interest there needs to be something more substantial.

Fortunately for Monds, he's got "something more" in spades.

Standing 6-foot-3 and weighing 215 pounds, as a junior at Fort Pierce (FL) Westwood High School last season Wonderful Monds began turning heads with his athleticism and penchant for making the big play. Of course, that sort of thing will happen when one records almost 100 tackles, logs 10 sacks and forces two fumbles in a state known for the explosiveness of its offensive talent.

It's been a productive summer for his youngest son, said Monds II's father, Wonderful Terrific Monds, Jr – a former all-american defensive back at the University of Nebraska and San Francisco 49er.

With an offer from the Kansas Jayhawks already in hand, Monds II has also drawn interest from the likes of Alabama and Tennessee. Camp appearances at Central Florida and South Florida have helped keep his stock on a steady upward trend.

"His footwork and agility have gotten a lot better," Monds Jr. said. "He's learning the game a lot more. This is only going to be his fourth year playing competitive sports, so he had a lot to learn and catch up on, because a lot of kids start playing Pop Warner when they're around seven or eight years of age."

Though this is the time when many prospects find their recruitment kicking into high gear, Monds II is taking a different approach. Coming from a family where a great deal of emphasis has always been placed on education, the talented linebacker has spent time as much time in the classroom as he has honing his football skills.

The value of an education is something he's tried to teach to all his sons, Monds Jr. explained.

"He's going to hold on to his mental capacity a lot longer than his physical attributres," he said. "I played sports too, professionally and in college, and I can't do that now. But I still have my education."

Which isn't to say Monds II has forgotten about his recruitment entirely – far from it. As interest continues to flow in from other programs, Kansas remains his only BCS offer, and Monds Jr. said his son keeps in touch with the Jayhawks coaching staff on a weekly basis.

Though he hasn't met Head Coach Turner Gill, a fellow Nebraska alum, what he's heard of the first-year Kansas head man has been nothing but positive.

"I've talked to the coaches out in Kansas, and they sound great," Monds Jr. said. "They're truly interested in having my son come up there. We haven't gotten there for a visit yet, but it's one of the things we're planning to do."

For now, he's encouraging his son to go out and enjoy being a high school senior.

"I tell him, 'you don't worry about that right,'" he said, of his recruitment. "'Just focus on your senior year and graduating high school, number one, and having a good football season. Everything else will just fall into place."

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