Mincey has two schools on top

Fairfield, OH is the home of Robert Mincey, a 6'5 ½" 268 lb. defensive end. Mincey attends Fairfield High is the home of one of the most sought-after defensive end prospects in the Midwest – Robert Mincey. At almost 6-foot-6 and 268 pounds, the versatile Class of 2011 prospect is highly coveted for his versatility, capable of playing defensive end and tight end.

Recently, Phog.net's Jonathan Stepp spoke with Robert Mincey, and got the latest on his recruitment.

Q: Do you prefer one side of the ball to the other?

RM: "I can play on either side and I want to make an impact."

Q: What are some of the things you do best?

RM: "My biggest strength is my athleticism. I am very coachable and I am willing to bust my butt in order to make the team better."

Q: Understanding a decision might still be a ways off, are there any schools that stand out to you right now?

RM: "I like Illinois, Kansas, and Memphis a lot. Some other schools that I am interested in are Marshall and Toledo."

Q: What is appealing about the chance to play for the Fighting Illini?

"I have done lots of Internet research on Illinois, and a buddy of mine plays running back there. He tells me how much he likes the family atmosphere up there, and I am looking to leave my home to go somewhere that I will be comfortable. (Quarterbacks) Coach (Jeff) Brohm is my recruiter there and he is a cool guy."

Q: What about Kansas and Memphis? What do you find attractive about those two programs?

RM: "The two bedroom apartments at Kansas are just neat. That would be something different, which I would like for sure. I have talked to the coaches and they want me, so they are a school that is in it. Memphis has a pretty decent program, and if I don't qualify at U of I or KU, I could probably still go there. They are kind of like a safety team but they are a good school to have recruiting me."

Q: You've said you will officially visit both Illinois and Kansas. Do you have a timetable for those visits? What will you be looking for at each school?

RM: "Now that we have started 2-a-days, it is going to be intense for a while. I can tell you that I am looking for a school that will be good academically and good for football. I want to do criminal justice, and when I visit the schools I will be talking to actual students, not just athletes, about the atmosphere of the school."

Q: What about personal goals for your final season of high school football?

RM: "I would like to have at least one sack a game and I want to win at least 7 games. My decision will likely come after my official visits."

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