Big 12 Teleconference: Week 2

The Big 12 coaches addressed the media Monday morning via the weekly conference teleconference. Here are some of the highlights from Kansas Jayhawks Head Coach Turner Gill

On getting his team prepared for Georgia Tech following Saturday's loss to North Dakota State:

I think it's two things. One, we didn't play very well. I think that will get everybody focused and ready to get better. And number two you've got an outstanding opponent with Georgia Tech coming to town. and I think those two things get all of us more focused and more in tune.

And I also think with your first ballgame going to your second ballgame is where you make your biggest improvements, so we hope that will take place for us.

On whether or not this loss was particularly disappointing, as it was his first game as the head coach in Lawrence:

Again, you've gotta keep everything in perspective. You've gotta keep everything going in the right direction.

We know that we have to implement our offense, implement our defense and all those things of that nature. It takes time, and obviously it's going to take a little bit longer for us to get things going in the right direction. Particularly on offense, which is usually the phase where it takes a little bit longer to get going, particularly when you're trying to find your starting quarterback.

So all those things combined, and unfortunately we've got to do a better job of teaching, and we've gotta get the right people in a place to make plays for us.

On the status of the quarterback position:

We're evaluating that. We'll continue to meet today and we'll talk about it in the morning, and maybe we'll make a decision tonight or tomorrow. But we're definitely evaluating that position for sure.

On whether or not it helps that he has played the position:

I think it helps both of us, (offensive coordinator) Chuck Long and myself are former quarterbacks. There's a lot more things that you're thinking about and go through a quarterback's mind. And overall you're trying to say what's best for us to move the football and score touchdowns, and ultimately who is that right person to do it? Maybe we find out, maybe we don't, as far as naming that situation right now.

But obviously we've got to evaluate that position and give us the best opportunity to be successful.

On what similarities he sees between Georgia Tech's offense and the system he led as a quarterback at Nebraska:

I think the option game has been around. We didn't run the triple option as much as they do and that's their main aspect of it. We do more the double option as far as the two reads, we didn't do a whole lot with the fullback read triple option. But again, it's very similar when you're going to run that play over and over again.

You have to have great assignment responsibility and you're going to have to tackle extremely well. Those are the things that we're going to have to do because they're very explosive, and obviously the quarterback is a guy that has been playing that for a long time and he's made a lot of great plays.

On if they had seen the mistakes that plagued the offense Saturday night in practice:

Well, as we all know turnovers are always going to be the quickest way you end up losing a game. We had three turnovers, and unfortunately we had two of them with our tight end who is a very good player, Tim Biere. One of them was a big hit, unfortunately, and we lost the ball there, and those things happen in football games.

We had taken care of the football for the most part in our scrimmages and practice. But again we all don't know how our players are going to respond until you play a football game, and unfortunately we've gotta get better in that phase of taking care of the football. Top Stories