Eric Bledsoe Report: Live from Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - The law firm that investigated reports of grade discrepancies for Eric Bledsoe will release its report today at 4 p.m. Central Time at a specially called meeting of the Birmingham Board of Education. Kentucky Sports Report will be there live in person to provide updates as they occur.

The principal issue appears to be a grade Eric Bledsoe received in an Algebra 3 course. A "grade report" showed that Bledsoe should have received a C one semester, and a B another semester, yet he received an "A" for the course.

When asked about the grade reports, the teacher responsible for submitting the grade maintained, in printed interviews, that they had the "wrong" grade reports, and that there were two reports. Should the teacher's position remain unchanged, the investigatory report from Mark White, former President of the Alabama State Bar Association, and U.W. Clemon, retired Federal Court Judge from the Northern District of Alabama, may close the book on the controversy.

If, however, the investigatory report shows that an inappropriate grade was received, it is possible that the NCAA could dig further, and ultimately declare Eric Bledsoe ineligible as a NCAA athlete. Should that occur, precedence may dictate that all games in which the ineligible athlete participated be forfeited.

The consequences of such a ruling would be devastating to the University of Kentucky. The school was the first NCAA institution to 1,000 wins, and on December 21, 2009, became the first NCAA institution to win 2,000 games. Should those games be forfeited, however, the honor of becoming the first school to 2,000 wins would instead go to the current runner-up, the University of North Carolina.

Darrell Cartwright will be present at the Birmingham Board of Education meeting to bring you the events as they occur. For instant updates, follow Kentucky Sports Report on Twitter at, where updates from inside the meeting will take place as they occur.

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