VAUGHT: Doron Lamb-More than a Shooter

He's played in the nation's best all-star games, traveled across the country playing AAU basketball and spent two seasons at renowned Oak Hill Academy in Virginia playing with and against some of the nation's best players.

Yet New York native Doron Lamb admits he was a bit overwhelmed by the number of preseason interviews he had to do at Kentucky.

"There was nothing back to back like this with interviews at any all-star game or game," said the UK freshman guard. "This confirms how crazy Kentucky basketball is.

"Lexington is not like New York City. Kentucky basketball is crazy. The fans are unbelievable. In New York, there are not colleges like this. It is a big difference with the way basketball is perceived around here."

Lamb, who was ranked as the nation's third-best shooting guard last year by, hopes he does a lot this year to make fans notice him even more. He averaged 23 points, six rebounds and four assists per game last year before picking UK over Arizona, Connecticut, Kansas, Oklahoma and West Virginia.

"I have an overall game. I can do anything on the court you need me to do really. I can make sure you are doing the right thing on the court to win games, too," he said. "I am more than just a shooter.

"You have to play defense to stay on the court. If you play defense and are not scoring, you stay on the court."

Lamb knows the general perception is that he is mainly a 3-point shooter.

"They have not seen me yet, but they will see my versatility. We are going to be good. We are not bigger than last year, but we are longer than last year. We can do a lot more dribble-drive and it probably will be easier for us to score.

"I like to run. That is what coach Cal tells me to do and Brandon (Knight) will kick it to me and make it easier for me to score. That's what I will do."

What he likely won't do is show an abundance of emotion on the court.

"I am not that type of guy. My dad was the same way when he played. I try not to show emotion," Lamb said. "I will show it sometimes if I make a real big play. But other than that, I try not to. I think it is a good thing. You can't show it every time. I hope that's just because I expect to make plays and was taught that is what you should do so there's no reason to celebrate just doing your job."

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