VAUGHT: Calipari previews team, Part 2 of 2

Kentucky Wildcat head coach John Calipari sits down with KSR's Larry Vaught to discuss this year's team. Here's part two of the two-part preview.

The 2008-09 Wildcat team was special, with five players being selected in the first round of the NBA Draft. Calipari says that won't be repeated, and he sees this year's team as a different type of team from last year's squad.

"We are not going to be as physically imposing this year. I don't think we can be as athletic as we were, yet we are going to have good size and have good players. We just have to be a little different team. We are not trying to be last year's team. Maybe more dribble drive. Maybe more of an execution team than last year.

"Last year at times just bowled you over. We could screw up 12 different ways and still score the ball. This team will not be able to do that. When you have coached as long as I have, I have had all kind of different teams. When you look at the run from Memphis to here, we had a lot of different crews. They are all different and we came here and it was totally different. Now this year is totally different, but we have talented guys."

Knight, a point guard, and Kanter, a center, are both already projected as first-round picks in the 2011 NBA Draft. Many feel Jones, a forward, could be, too.

"We don't have as deep a roster as we had a year ago. I said what made us difference last year is that when your 10th and 11th man were starters from the year before, you are pretty deep. We had a lot of room for error, foul trouble, bad play. We won't have that kind of room this year," Calipari said.

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