Joker's kickoff pholosophy changes

Joker Phillips discusses how the change in kickoff philosophy has led to Kentucky getting off to quicker starts.

A three year plague of not finding the solution to slow starts have seem to have been solved. The Wildcats have scored five of the six times this year on the first possession.

We asked Joker Phillips about his philosophy of taking the football after winning the coin-toss?

"Our philosophy has always been, I have always been the guy to defer, kickoff, play defense, try to get a short field," Phillips said. "Go three-and-out (on defense), get a short field and go out and score. This year for some reason, I've felt confident in our ability to score and it's been right. And the kicking doesn't help. As far as us kicking the ball off, we're now starting to kick it off where we want it and cover pretty good. But that had something to do with it. But every week I go to our offensive guys and look at our first eight (plays) and feel a little bit --- I feel confident in them, that we've got a chance to score and execute them. So we've taken the ball and scored five out of six times. The thing we've got to do is after scoring is go in throw a shutout. We got to go in and throw a three and out and keep that momentum going."

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