Phillips on team motivation

Joker Phillips gives props to strength coach Rock Oliver when it comes to motivating the Kentucky football team. Oliver spends Sunday's team lifting time motivating the Kentucky players.

Kentucky's Joker Phillips was greeted with a pleasant surprise when he got his team back on the field Tuesday to prepare for the upcoming game against South Carolina.

"It is amazing," Phillips said. "You think that you are getting ready to go into a fight and that the guys are going to fight against you, but there isn't much you have to do to get them ready. You feel like the team is starting to mature and grow up. It was not that much of a fight for the coaches to get them going today."

Phillips said getting some teams motivated is "like pulling teeth."

This Kentucky team has been very different.

"This team has been great," said Phillips "Again, I attribute a lot of it to how Rock (Oliver) handles them on Sunday. They lift together on Sundays and get motivated together."

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