Coach Phillips on Cobb's "tweets"

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips wasn't about to make a big deal out of Randall Cobb's tweets Sunday.

Kentucky coach Joker Phillips wasn't about to make a big deal out of Randall Cobb's tweets Sunday.

"We all understand and know how passionate he is about this game and his teammates and the University of Kentucky football program," Phillips said. "He is a 19-, 20-year-old kid that doesn't always understand how to deal with it when people react in a way he doesn't think they should react. I am 47 and I am really just now figuring out how to react to those things." I am 58 and still don't always react the right way. I might lose my cool and fire off an e-mail I wish I delete or let my mouth get in the way of my brain with words that come out I quickly want to take back.

Why should we expect Cobb to be more mature beyond his years when his heart overrides his head, especially when that heart if why UK fans love him?

"He is a young, passionate player. The reason he is so successful is that he is passionate. He does care about the people in the locker room," Phillips said. "He loves this place. He will make this home some day. He can't respond to things he might not like happening out there, but he is a passionate player about everything he does and sometimes he doesn't understand why people do what they do."

Phillips does understand. He understands the competitive nature Cobb has. He understands how protective he is of his teammates. He understands how much he wants to win. He understands what he's already done for the UK program and will do before he leaves. That's why Phillips is not making a knee-jerk reaction and banning his players from using Twitter. That would be a mistake because today's youth use Twitter and other social media in so many ways. Even banning Twitter accounts would not keep Cobb, or any other player, from using the Internet to express himself.

"I don't do it (Twitter) a lot. I have thought about it (banning Twitter). We will try to make a decision," Phillips said. "We have to try and get our arms around it. But I also want to give these guys a chance to express themselves, but not in a way that might harm someone else. We have to get a little bit smarter about it."

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