Durham on UK's in-state offensive linemen

Four of the starters along the offensive line hail from the State of Kentucky. What are Brad Durham's thoughts on having four in state players on the O-line?

Senior tackle Brad Durham is glad to be one of four starting linemen from Kentucky, but he insists it is not a big deal to him or his teammates.

"I think that we are from Kentucky is just a good fact to look at that most of us are from Kentucky and are starting at Kentucky. But in the end, we are all different and have different personalities. We just have to work on coming together and playing together on the field. We look past that (being from Kentucky), but it is something to be proud of," he said. "We get along great. We hang out, call each other every day and text each other and clown each other. We are a tight knit group and that's what you need to be successful.

"We joke around, but the thing about us is that we are all so hard on ourselves that it makes us perform better. When someone is messing up like Stuart Hines said he didn't have a good game (against South Carolina), we have to rally behind him and keep his hopes up. We all make mistakes out there. To be behind him and everybody on the offensive line is key to having a successful game."

Still, considering the knock on Kentucky high school football is that the state doesn't produce big-time linemen, it is unusual to see Durham, Matt Smith, Larry Warford and Hines starting with Billy Joe Murphy, another Kentuckian, as the top backup.

"I have heard that since high school. It is whatever. You get a group of guys together in a class or through three classes and it just works out, and so far it has worked out well for us all to be here playing at Kentucky," Durham said.

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