Calipari on Rock Oliver and other staff

Kentucky coach John Calipari discusses the impact of Ray "Rock" Oliver on UK basketball. Calipari also offered comments about the roles of UK athletics personnel.

Question: What has Ray "Rock" Oliver meant to the basketball strength program since he came back to UK to primarily work with football?

John Calipari: "For the whole weight program, what he has done is that he takes no crap. As a coach, what you want is stuff taken off your plate. If you are adding things to my plate as my assistant or somewhere around me, you have to go here. I don't have time. With Ray, part of weights is you have to get mean with them and you have to get nasty at times and say no. I can't be that guy and be the academic guy and the media relations guy. I have done that when I was at UMass and early at Memphis. You can't do it here or you die. You would last one year and they would say, ‘What is wrong with him? He is sick. Look at him.' You can't do it. Ray is with Joker. That is what he does. But there will be times something needs a little shakeup and we get him over here. Someone misses something or didn't do something and he pins them against the wall and I say, ‘Hey, did you have a good day?' I don't have to do it. It needs to be done, but I don't have to do it.

"Compliance here, unbelievable. I tell the one person you are the biggest pain I have ever been around, but thankfully so because it is like I never had a compliance person. The academic people check classes. If they don't go to class and they miss five in one class, you are out three games. ‘Man, that would be bad.' It ain't me. They do it. The same with Ray. At UMass, I did conditioning and weight training. Now I can stay away and I do what I have to do on the basketball court. That being said, what you have here for basketball and I imagine for the other sports.

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