Phillips discusses turnovers

Kentucky football coach Joker Phillips discussed the turnovers, which plagued his squad against the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday. Kentucky has turned the ball over ten times this season in its four losses.

After Kentucky was once again plagued by turnovers in a loss Joker Phillips was asked if turnovers are contagious.

Phillips said, "I don't think they're contagious, no. I don't think they're contagious. They did a good job of tackling the football. La'Rod (King) -- I mean, that's an effort turnover."

Phillips explained, "La'Rod's fighting his tail off. He's carrying them. And everybody's saying go, go, go, and he's at five yards, he's at 10. He gets to 15 yards after contact, and the guy comes in and puts his hat on the ball, that's an effort turnover."

Like the one down on the goal line coming out, we've got to put our eyes on the ball, secure it, and get up the field. That is the one that you get discouraged about."

Is it better if a player goes down when wrapped up, in order to prevent the turnover, instead of continuing to fight for yards?

"No, we teach them to keep fighting," said the Kentucky coach. "It's hard to tell them to go down once you get wrapped up. We want to put both hands over the ball. He was trying to get his other hand up to continue fighting.

"Like I said, that's an effort turnover. The guy came in and put his hat perfectly on the football and knocked it out. But, no, we want to teach our guys to keep fighting. That's how we're playing. Our guys continue to fight, scratch and claw. And that's what La'Rod was doing."

The Kentucky coach also discussed the interception in the end zone, which turned out to be a huge play for Georgia.

"I think Chris (Matthews) was thinking it was going to the back shoulder, which we've done quite a bit. And Mike (Hartline) was thinking over the top, which it's kind of in between when the defensive backs are over the top, you throw back shoulder. When the receiver is over the top, you throw over the top."

"It's kind of an in between deal where Chris was even with the guy and could go either way. But it was a huge play for them, it was. And I think that took the momentum, not their offense going on us on the first series. That was a big play for them and getting the momentum back in the second half."

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