Knight on playing without Kanter

Enes Kanter is not currently practicing with the Wildcats, but his presence at the Blue-White game was felt. As Kanter sat in Rupp Arena clad in an Undertaker shirt the crowd chanted, "Free Enes! Free Enes!" On the floor his teammates played without him. Brandon Knight discussed Kanter after the game.

Brandon Knight was especially glad to see senior Josh Harrellson get 26 rebounds in Tuesday's Blue-White Game since Kentucky still does not when, or if, it will have center Enes Kanter.

"It was very important that we rebound, especially Josh. He is one of our bigs and since we don't know about Enes, we need Josh to be ready to play. It was big-time that he was able to get those boards. We all have to rebound. We don't have a big monster in there without Enes. We have to gang rebound and fight and make sure we get those possessions," said Knight.

Kanter wore a T-shirt with a picture of his favorite pro wrestler, the Undertaker, as he sat on the bench with coach John Calipari and watched his teammates play while he still awaits word from the NCAA on his eligibility. He did seem to like it when fans chanted, "Free Enes," in the second half and briefly acknowledged what they were doing.

Knight says it is a "little bit tough" not knowing what will happen with Kanter.

"We think about it here and there, but we can't really focus on it. We have to be ready to play if we don't have him. We would love to have him. He's our brother, but just in case, we have to be ready to play without him and if we do get him, it is going to be crazy. He will be a great addition to our team," Knight said. "We don't think about the situation. It is out of our hands and we can't control it. We just work hard with what we do have and hope that we will eventually have him."

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