Kanter news coming soon?

After the Blue-White game chants of "Free Enes! Free Enes! Free Enes" the ball is in the NCAA's court to "Free Enes." October is nearly gone, and exhibition games begin next week, this is a time when the NCAA has handed down the more complex eligibility decisions in the past.

In general the NCAA uses a priority system to address issues regarding eligibility. The NCAA prioritizes based upon the start of the season, with the sport beginning its season soonest receiving a higher priority.

With Kentucky Basketball set to begin play against outside competition on Monday an Enes Kanter eligibility decision by the NCAA should soon be coming down the pike. Kentucky tips off its first exhibition on Monday, November 1st when they take on Pikeville.

It was on October 30th last season that Kentucky learned the consequences of the NCAA's inquiry into John Wall's amateurism. Kentucky's first exhibition game was played on November 2nd.

Barring a need for additional information by the NCAA I would expect a decision on Kanter to be made this week, or very early next week. To make a decision after Kentucky's first exhibition game could unnecessarily penalize Kentucky should it be determined that Kanter is fully eligible with no suspended games.

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