Wall critic way off base

The Washington Wizards made John Wall the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft for one reason: he's good. Wall is really good. Still, there are some doubters.

The Washington Wizards made John Wall the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft for one reason: he's good. Wall is really good. Still, there are some doubters.

Sure when you watch Wall play, there is a lot of flash, but he also makes the simple play as well. Watching him play for the Wildcats last season, you knew he was just as likely to make a spectacular play as he was to make the fundamental play. Either way, you knew that Wall would do what it took to make his team win.

In Wall's initial effort at home last night against the Sixers, he led his team to their first win of the season, 116-115. Wall had 29 points, 13 assists and nine steals in the game. He also made 11 of 14 free-throws and nine of his 16 shots.

That stat-line stood out for the rookie and Wall was celebrated for his efforts in the victory, but what stood out more was the dance Wall did prior to the game.

In his official coming-out party at Kentucky's Big Blue Madness last season, Wall debuted "The John Wall" dance which people copied all season. Never mind that the dance is actually called "The Shizz." Wall put it into mainstream culture.

In his first home game as a Washington Wizard, Wall did "The Dougie" which is another popular dance in pop-culture. Wall did his dance for roughly 35 seconds and proceeded to have the best game of his short career last night.

Fast forward to today when Colin Cowherd, popular host of the radio show "The Herd", said Wall was "not a sharp guy."

Not only did he call the rookie out for doing his dance during introductions, he also went on to harp on Wall's turnovers on the night. Officially Wall had eight turnovers.

Cowherd put Wall in a category with players such as Steve Francis, Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury – calling him selfish – mockingly saying: "Yo dawg, look at me, I'm the man" in regards to his dance.

What Cowherd doesn't tell you is that Wall did his dance at the urging of his assistant coach and former long-time NBA point guard, Sam Cassell. This is according to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog, a part of the Washington Post.

Cowherd compares Wall to several NBA Hall of Fame point guards like Stockton, Magic, Kidd and Isiah. Then he compares him to another former Kentucky Wildcat, Rajon Rondo.

Wall comes from a different generation than Magic, Isiah, Stockton and even Kidd. While each of these four men are Hall-of-Famers – they aren't/weren't perfect. Cowherd's tangent is clearly spear-headed by Wall's dance, which is completely harmless. Three of these four basketball icons have had some serious "off the court" transgressions that we won't get into. The other was considered one of the dirtiest players in the game on the court.

As for the Rondo comparison, aside from Kentucky fans and Doc Rivers, nobody was on Rondo's bandwagon before they won the NBA title in 2008. He was considered the weak link. Here's a newsflash. Wall's whole team is a weak link, yet he's still able to be successful very early in his career.

The fact is that Cowherd is accusing Wall of exactly what he is doing himself. Cowherd is trying to standout among the crowd and say, "Look at me, unlike everybody else who's ever met the guy, I don't like John Wall and I'm going to say bad things about him."

It's obvious that despite a successful radio show and his gig with that network from Connecticut, Cowherd still needs a little more attention.

Unlike Wall, who almost immediately mentioned his issue with turnovers last night in a post game interview, we know Cowherd will never look in the mirror and see what he did wrong.

Cowherd talked about how his daughter knows the difference between right and wrong. It's obvious that the young lady didn't learn it from her father.

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