Calipari addresses start of the season

With the regular season coming up next Friday the Kentucky coach discussed what he is trying to do in practice to ready the team for play.

With the regular season's tip just over a week away Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke at length on what his team is facing.

"We went one day, and then had to take a day off. So now we are going to come back this weekend and do the same and try to get ourselves right and take Monday or Tuesday off," said Calipari. "We have to take a day off that week, and then we play Friday. Friday is right on top of us. We haven't played a whole lot of zone. Whether it is offense, or defense we haven't done a whole lot with our press attack. It showed last game. It comes down to how do we get them to play harder? How do we get them to compete at a higher level? How do we get them to play rougher? How do we get them to go after every ball? And then, it's like "How did you do it in the past?" What were we doing? What teams did I have that were similar, and what changes as a staff did we make?"

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