Vargas looking forward to more court time

Junior big man Eloy Vargas discusses tougher practices, improving his game and the possibility of increased playing time.

Eloy Vargas was asked if coach John Calipari will give the post players more minutes against Dillard, after playing solidly against Pikeville on Monday. The Kentucky big man said, "Yeah, we will find out tomorrow. He liked the lineup when the big guys were in there because we played more aggressive and got more rebounds and helped more with passing."

Vargas spoke of an added toughness to recent practices.

Vargas embrace the tougher practices, "It is good. A lot tougher then it was before. We have been banging in the post and on defense we have been pushing it more. That is how we are going to play from now on."

The junior transfer from Miami-Dade spoke of what he needs to do to improve his game.

"Well, I have to improve myself by getting tougher. I need to rebound the ball better and work more on boxing out. That is really what I have to work on. As a team, we need more communication on the court so we can work together more as a team," said Vargas.

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