Polson says Pikeville "a learning experience"

Kentucky players saw something on Monday they had not seen previously. Jarrod Polson, Kentucky's freshman guard, said, the team "saw the Coach Cal that comes out on game day, so that was a little different."

Freshman guard Jarrod Polson was asked if Kentucky coach John Calipari has been more demanding following Monday's win over Pikeville.

"A little bit. We kind of finally saw the Coach Cal that comes out on game day, so that was a little different," said Polson.

Polson explained how Calipari has been different.

Polson said, "He is just a lot more intense, but that is definitely a good thing because that is what we need to be. He has talked about us having a toughness and fire in our belly, which is something that we didn't have against Pikeville. I think that we will be good, Friday."

Polson was asked if the 30 point win over Pikeville was a learning experience.

"Yeah, we did. I think that it was definitely a learning experience with us having so many freshmen on the team. We didn't know how tough and competitive we had to be at the college level. This is definitely a wakeup call but I think we will be good," replied Polson.

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