Evan Daniels on Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, one of the top high school seniors in the nation, came from out of nowhere to become one of the top recruits in the class of 2011 when he grew from 6-3 to 6-9 in the span of a year.

Scout's top hoops recruiting analyst, Evan Daniels, says few players have climbed the recruiting ranks like Anthony Davis did when he grew from 6-3 to 6-9 in a year.

"He went from unknown across the country to No. 1. He didn't really hit the scene until May in an event in Fort Wayne, Ind. That was the first time I started hearing his name and he got bigger and bigger. I came back in July and was saying he might be No. 1 player in country," Daniels said. "He is so long and has an active wingspan. He moves so well. He can defend a couple of positions. He is skilled. He has great hands. He is really impressive.

"He went from a 6-3 guard to a 6-9 mobile four man that can do so much. That added length and growth helped him mature as player. I think he is just scratching the surface of his potential. He still has a pretty skinny and frail frame. My biggest worry coming in to college would be his strength. But he is the best overall looking prospect in the class."

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