Daniels on the impact of UK assistants

Evan Daniels tells Larry Vaught that Orlando Antigua has made a huge impact on John Calipari's recruiting successes at Kentucky and that Kenny Payne could also have a tremendous impact given his basketball connections.

Scout.com national recruiting analyst Evan Daniels thinks John Calipari has done an incredible job bringing in what should be three straight No. 1 recruiting classes at Kentucky. Kentucky currently has commitments from Michael Gilchrist, Anthony Davis, Marquis Teague and Kyle Wiltjer.

"It is crazy when you think about it. He has something rolling no other coach does. He has four top 25 recruits coming in. This is a tremendous class. We have not seen this done three straight years with a No. 1 recruiting classes and bunch of prospects that end up in the NBA," Daniels said.

However, Daniels also thinks assistant coach Orlando Antigua deserves some credit for what Kentucky has done recruiting-wise the last three seasons.

"I think he has a had a major impact. He was the lead recruiter on a number of guys they went after. He went to Oregon and got Terrence Jones," Daniels said. "He does a tremendous job. He is the guy that organizes everything as far as recruiting goes. He is a very organized and well prepared guy. Part of recruiting is knowing the guy to talk and being organized and not wasting time. He is able target guys and go out and get them. Orlando has done a terrific job. He did a tremendous job on Teague and is really a big help for Calipari."

What makes him good?

"I think it is a mixture of things. I think organization and being prepared and being able to talk to the right person and building relationships. I think relationships are the biggest factor in all of recruiting and he has strong relationships all across the country and knows who to build the right relationships with for each kid. That has been a big factor for him," Daniels said.

The recruiting analyst anticipates new assistant coach Kenny Payne continuing to have a big impact on recruiting, too.

"He is very connected in specific areas, especially the Midwest in Chicago and Michigan. He has been able to pull a lot of players out of Illinois and Michigan all the way to Oregon when he was an assistant coach there. I think that will be an area he will have emphasis on. He helped with (recruit) Kyle Wiltjer (of Oregon) and was a big part of getting Anthony Davis (of Chicago)."

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