Smith talks about a possible bowl game

Kentucky center Matt Smith has a different view of Kentucky football than do many players. Smith grew up as a Kentucky football fan, and has seen the Wildcats struggle on the field. With that background Smith evaluates a possible 7-5 finish for this year's UK squad.

Center Matt Smith grew up a Kentucky fan, so he understands some struggles past UK football teams had.

So is he surprised that some UK fans are saying a 7-5 finish based on UK beating Vanderbilt and Tennessee would still be a disappointing season?

"I know what you are saying. I grew up a Kentucky fan and watching them every year. It has been great what they have done the past few years and if we go to a bowl this year, it will be five years in a row and that has never been done here," Smith, a sophomore, said. "The fans are always behind us. I know we have been in the same place the past few years (for bowl games), but if you think about the big picture compared to before when we didn't go to bowls, it was a big step forward to go to bowls. We just have to make sure we get to that point again by beating Vanderbilt Saturday.

"It is obviously a good year when you can go to a bowl game. At the beginning of the season, you obviously wanted to do bigger things — but that is every year. If we could end up with seven wins and in a bowl game, that would be great. Obviously we are sitting on five wins and we have to focus on this week to make sure we get that sixth win to get bowl eligible."

Smith isn't sure if fans might be taking bowl success for granted, but insists the team has not done that.

"We think a six, seven win season is a great season. The fans maybe because they know what kind of talent we have — and we know that, too — might be disappointed. But as long as we get to a bowl, it is a great thing. A bowl is a big deal. You get an extra game and get national exposure, but we have to get their first," Smith said.

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