Road trip offers challenges for Wildcats

Between now and the time Kentucky fans settle down for Thanksgiving dinner the Wildcats will play four games. According to John Calipari the Wildcats will be the youngest team each time they take the floor, and he will need for his players to go out and "make a play."

Kentucky coach John Calipari sees the four game road trip his team is embarking on as one that will be challenging for his youthful squad.

Calipari said, "We are on our way to Hawaii to play three teams that are better than us. This is going to be a learning situation for us. We have to figure out what we do, how hard we have to play."

The games against Portland and Kentucky's opponents in Maui offer a snapshot of where the Wildcats are at as the team enters late November, but may not be indicative of what the team will be like as the season evolves.

"Obviously, when school ends (for the Christmas break) we are going to have plenty of time to regroup and see how we play both on defense and offense. But right now, you have to go with what you have; and right now we are the youngest team out there. Whether it's Portland, or any of the three teams we will play in Maui, we are going to be the youngest. There are going to be things that will happen and I am just going to have to tell them to go make a play. That's where we are."

Calipari spoke comparatively of his squad and the teams he has been watching play as the season swung into high gear this week with a number of high profile games on television available for viewing.

"What I will tell you is for November and being such a young team, we're okay. We are not awful; we're okay. But, when I watched all of these teams playing defense, switching, pressing, scoring on out-of-bounds plays, I was like, ‘What?' We don't even have those plays in yet. That's when I turned it off. I just said stop it."

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