Trip offers bonding potential

Kentucky players Jon Hood and Josh Harrellson think that the trip to Portland and Maui will offer the team the same opportunity to bond that last season's squad took advantage of with an early season trip to Cancun.

Kentucky's roster is not totally devoid of players who have experienced a road trip, like the one facing the Wildcats as they trek to Portland and Maui. Two of the veterans, Jon Hood and Josh Harrellson, see the trip as an opportunity for the team to bond much as it did last season when Kentucky played in an early season tournament in Cancun.

Hood spoke of what he desires to see the team take away from the four game trip.

Hood said he wants the team to, "…get closer. We can always get closer as a team. It doesn't matter if there are a lot of seniors or a lot of freshman. That is what these trips are made to do, help us get to know and trust one another."

"It was very good. We did everything together. It's good to get out of Lexington and go to a place like that with your teammates and experience all those things together with just your team," said Hood.

Harrellson, the team's one senior compared the trip to Cancun to the current trip to Portland and Maui.

The Kentucky senior forward said, "It is definitely the same thing. When we were in Cancun, every night we went out to eat as a team. All of us, no coaches, just players. We would go to the pool together and everything that we did we were always together. It is a good experience and we definitely need it."

Hood discussed the current state of the team's chemistry.

The sophomore guard, "The chemistry has gotten better. We are still working on it though. You have to trust new people real quick and that is something we are adjusting to, and getting better with."

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