Darius Miller on playing the Heels

Darius Miller discusses playing North Carolina, and the role he will need to play in the game.

Kentucky guard/forward Darius Miller was asked how playing Boston will impact the North Carolina game.

"I think that it will help us a lot especially with the speed they play with, we will be better prepared, since we have already played several quick teams this season," said Miller.

What are Miller's thoughts on playing the long front line of the Tar Heels?

"It's going to be a pretty big challenge, we are just going to have to prepare and work on it. I think that Enes (Kanter) has done a great job of preparing us for how it is going to be this Saturday."

How does Miller feel about rivalry games, like Kentucky-North Carolina?

"It's going to be a lot of fun especially in the atmosphere that we will be playing in. It will probably be like a tournament atmosphere, and it will be great experience for us as a young team. Hopefully it will make us better."

Do rivalry games make the team play more for the program than the individual game itself?

"Definitely, especially with the quality teams that we are playing in the next few games; no matter how either of the teams are doing, we have to be ready to go."

Does Miller think he will have to shoulder the load more on the road, being a veteran on a team loaded with youngsters?

"Yes, but we have been playing great teams already so I think the young guys know what to expect, so I have all the confidence in the world in them."

Has the team been working on walking that tightrope that separates playing aggressively, yet not getting into foul trouble?

"Coach has talked to us about it, with me being in foul trouble a lot lately. It will have to be something where we make smarter decisions on the defensive and the offensive end."

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