Lamb beginning to talk it up on the floor

Doron, no longer quiet as a lamb, as he learns the importance of communicating with teammates.

Doron Lamb is learning that he has to make his voice heard in order for this Kentucky squad to reach its potential.

Prior to arriving at Kentucky Lamb let his play do the talking for him.

Lamb said, "All the basketball teams I played with I never had to talk; so this team has got me talking a lot more on offense and defense."

What is it that the Kentucky coaches want him to talk about while he is on the floor for the Wildcats?

"They want you to repeat the play and say, ‘I have help side defense; I'm on the ball; I have got help' and things like that," said Lamb

How important is it for teams to communicate out on the floor?

"When you talk on defense you feel more comfortable playing defense, so someone will have your back if you get beat defensively."

Is the instant offense Lamb provides off the bench by design?

"Coach just wants me to go out there and bring energy off the bench. He wants me to score and play defense and I think that I will be good if I do that."

What does Lamb think of his play at Kentucky thusfar?

"I am happy with the way that I have played, but I think that I could do better by just playing defense and helping my team and rebounding."

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