Kentucky players need to trust in each other

Calipari's young Wildcats have shown glimpses of being able to dominate, but they have also shown they can become too passive. The Kentucky coach discusses what his team needs to do to be able to reach its potential this season.

Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke at length on what his Kentucky team needs to do to become a better team and play to their potential.

"Well, first of all, it has to be consistent. So you've got to come out in this practice for one. I'll give you an example defensively: I need to know I can be really aggressive because if I get beat someone's got me. I need to know I can leave my man to go help a teammate and someone's got me. I know I can step over to take a charge because even if it doesn't happen someone will take my man. I need to know that if I'm denying the wing and I'm really working hard and a guy goes back someone will steal the pass anyway. If I'm helping a guy come out, someone has to – well, the only way that happens is if everybody's talking and they're doing it on the court so they can get on and feel comfortable being aggressive. We were passive against North Carolina. They were the aggressor, we were passive. Why? Because we had a couple guys on the court you could not trust. Then everybody pulls back. No one becomes aggressive, no one helps, no one makes a rotation, no one wants to leave their own man because they don't have any trust. And on offense the same trust is: I'll make the extra pass because when I'm open it will be made to me. Or, I finally got the ball, and I may not get it again and I don't trust my teammates so I'm just driving in on three players, I'm going to throw my body in to three guys and just shoot it and get it blocked and they'll go dunk it on the other end and I'll say no you could have made the extra pass, but the last time I – and it happened to us a little bit with Connecticut – no, a lot. So it's a new team, they're learning, and we had these issues last year. Believe me. Who's the man? I'm the man, he's the man. Yeah but you have to respect each other's ability and you have to trust that they're coming in. And the other side of this is we're not really good right now at certain spots but you have to trust that guys will get better. Brandon Knight will get better. The greatest thing that Clark Kellogg said to me was, when I moved Tyreke (Evans), who was a scorer in high school, to point guard, he was at the Georgetown game, and he took the next four shots were the worst shots he'd ever seen, Tyreke took them. He said a month later he was a different player. It's the same thing. (Brandon) will be different in a month. He's conscientious, he wants to learn. I've got to do a better job with him, to be honest. I'm trying to still feel him out a little bit, but I've got to do a better job coaching him because he wants to do the right things. And that's an important position with the kind of players we have because we have a lot of weapons but that guy's got to be able to get the ball to all those guys yet he's a terrific shooter. We want him to be able to shoot some balls himself."

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