Notre Dame's experience a challenge for Cats

When Kentucky and Notre Dame tip it off this evening it will be a contrast in experience. Notre Dame starts five seniors. Kentucky will start a pair of freshmen, and will bring in another freshman off the bench early.

It didn't take much pondering by John Calipari to come up with what concerns Notre Dame raises as the Kentucky Wildcats prepare to play the Irish.

Calipari replied, "Five seniors. They know how to play off one another. They don't get rattled. They were down to Georgia, down 14, and they were down against Wisconsin 14 or 15, they were down against Indiana State and they never get rattled, they just keep playing. They play a good 2-3, 3-2 zone. They go to it and they stick with it. We're a little different team than we were a year ago so playing zone against us is a little bit better for us. But they do what they do well because they're a veteran team, they're seniors. They go to their bench, they're young, but even those guys only one is a freshman. The other guys have played last year. (Notre Dame head coach) Mike (Brey) does a great job and they've played a good schedule. Whatever their record is is not against cupcake city. When you play Wisconsin, when you play Georgia and the people they've played, you've played good people."

Junior DeAndre Liggins confirmed that Calipari's concern with the Notre Dame experience is not just media speak. The Kentucky junior said, "Coach said they are starting five seniors. We are a young team, and they are an experienced team. They know their stuff. We have to go out there, run our stuff, and stay disciplined on defense." What were DeAndre's impressions of the Irish?

"(Notre Dame) pump fakes a lot trying to get you off of your feet. They run their stuff. You have to stay disciplined against them, or else they are going to go back door. They do a lot of flex actions on offense. We just have to play together," said Liggins.

What advice can a veteran, like Liggins, give to his young teammates to aid them in recovering from the tough loss at Chapel Hill last weekend?

Liggins said, "Stay humble and to keep fighting. That's all I can tell them."

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