Kentucky offense not where Cal wants

John Calipari needs his talented freshman duo of Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones to make better decisions on the offensive end, in order for the team's offense to become more efficient.

Despite going on a 25-5 game-ending run against Indiana this past Saturday the Kentucky offense is not where Kentucky coach John Calipari wants it to be.

The Kentucky coach wants from his team. Much of what Calipari wants comes down to his talented freshmen duo of Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones making better decisions on the floor.

After the IU game Calipari spoke of wanting the offense to be more efficient, as this will put more pressure on the oppositions offense to score and maintain pace.

Calipari said, "Part of what you want to do offensively, when you go down and really execute and score a couple and create a gap, it puts more pressure on their offense. So now, you can defend, put more pressure on them, they are putting pressure on themselves, and then you go on a run."

Calipari pointed out what the young Wildcats are doing that is preventing the offense from executing well.

The Kentucky coach said, "Terrence took that top of the key three. What are you doing? We don't get it yet."

Knight, according to Calipari, is getting better in his decision making.

"I thought that Brandon made strides today. Still not the kind of game I want him to play but he made strides. He broke down a couple of things offensively again."

Calipari indicates that Knight still needs to continue to develop and improve running the team from the point guard position.

Calipari likened the point guard to a quarterback in football.

Calipari explained, "When a two guard or a three man or four man breaks down an offense, like they break it off and go do their thing, it's kind of like the running back, instead of taking this hole, he bumps outside and tries to go outside. Can you get that?

"But if the quarterback decides that he's not going to hand it off where he's supposed to and he runs the other way and he gets knocked out and fumbled, you go, why would you do that? Do you understand, a quarterback, you cannot break down what we are trying to do. You can't."

Calipari discussed the importance of the point guard, Knight, continuing to run the offense.

"When we are running something, you have got to run it, because it breaks us all down if you don't. And he's learning. He made every free throw. Made that open three that busted open the game. You know, we did some good things," stated Calipari.

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