Liggins in need of free throw lessons

Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke of improving the free throw shooting of DeAndre Liggins after the junior went 8 for 16 from the line on Saturday.

Kentucky coach John Calipari addressed an area where DeAndre Liggins did not perform well on Saturday against Indiana, the charity stripe.

Calipari said, "(Liggins) is the one guy I've not talked to him about free throw shooting because he was shooting a high percentage, but he's winding up like the other guys. The ball starts at the knee and he shoots it. You can't shoot a free throw (that way), you have to raise up the ball and shoot it.

Calipari spoke of addressing the situation with Liggins, and helping him to improve his technique at the line.

Calipari said, "I've got Brandon to do it. We have (had) Terrence to do it and now we'll get him to do it. He's just stopping. You're not shooting it your way. You're not going 8 for 16 in a good game; we'll lose."

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