Q&A with Qua Huzzie

KSR's Larry Vaught goes one-on-one with Qua Huzzie

Here are some thoughts Kentucky redshirt linebacker Qua Huzzie shared with me.

Question: What is a month where to practice where you hopefully will be fully healthy mean to you?

Huzzie: "It will mean so much to me. We can work, watch film and stay healthy and just try to move on to another level. It's almost like starting next year for me. This is another opportunity for me to start a new year early. This is like a fall camp to get me ready for next year."

Question: Are you excited about going to Birmingham for a bowl game Jan. 8?

Huzzie: "Yes, I am excited. It will be an interesting game and all the people back home can watch because we will be the only game on TV. Then it will be time to start getting ready for a new year and you can build off what you do in the bowl game. I think it is a great time for us to go and everybody is grateful to be going."

Question: Considering you had never really been hurt until you got here, how frustrating have the last two seasons been when you have been hurt more than you have been healthy?

Huzzie: "It has been very frustrating since I got hurt so much. This is another level and you have to work hard, but it's hard to do when you are hurt. I am just looking forward this offseason to getting back in the weight room and then staying healthy all of next year."

Question: Have UK fans come close to seeing the real Qua Huzzie yet?

Huzzie: "Not even close. Hopefully when this year is over with and I start getting healthy and we start working on little things, I will show it. The stuff that hurts me, I never worked on it in high school. Now I have to work on each part of my body and once I get healthy, you will see another side of my game."

Question: What does linebackers coach Chuck Smith harp on to you the most about?

Huzzie: "Coach Smith has been hard on me because I am from LaGrange (Ga.). Every little thing I do he fusses at me. I don't take that as a negative, but as a good thing. I watch film and see what he means about my technique. Once I start seeing more than one thing, he knows I can get to the ball and make plays."

Question: What will you spend most of your time doing now that final exams are over and you don't play until Jan. 8th?

Huzzie: "I have been studying, studying, studying. Now I can work out, practice and watch film or whatever I need to do."

Question: Any chance the team may not play well against Pittsburgh in the bowl because so many older players were hoping to go to a better bowl game?

Huzzie: "I think they look at it different now. If you are a player, you have to be grateful just to be playing in another bowl. The fans and the community don't always understand how hard it is to get to a better bowl. Winning six or seven games with our schedule is pretty tough with the competition we face. As a team we are grateful for this opportunity. Any bowl we are in, we want to win and that certainly is the case with this bowl."

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