Calipari not happy with Jones

Calipari says he "better" get Jones where he needs to be if UK is going to have a successful season.

Glancing at Terrence Jones' totals, it seemed that the Kentucky freshman had another solid game in Saturday's 85-60 win over Mississippi Valley State here.

However, numbers can be misleading, or at least that is what UK coach John Calipari said after Jones finished with 19 points, eight rebounds, two blocked shots and one steal in only 23 minutes of play.

"They are an athletic team that comes at you. They were physical. So some of our guys didn't play up to snuff," said Calipari. "You know what, they exposed them. Terrence has got to play. Those numbers, I mean, how do you start the game this way?

"In a league game, a big game, kind of like North Carolina, you can't do that. It's important that we have everybody come and play. He has some numbers, but they're not real."

Calipari hopes this is simply part of Jones' maturation.

"It's all part of him learning, saying, I got to do better. Even the warm-up in the second half, you can't go through the motions. You got to go out and go through an unbelievably tough warm-up. We're going at you to start the half. That's not what happened," Calipari said.

"These guys are so young. We're learning how to play together. We're learning how to warm up for games. We had two good practices. We had a terrific shoot-around to getting better at that kind of stuff. We have to carry that stuff into the game."

Junior guard DeAndre Liggins noticed that Jones was far from his best the whole game.

"He's got to get his mind right before the game," Liggins said. "He's got to get loose and ready to play before the start of each half. He wasn't there tonight, and we can't have that. We are not that deep that we can afford for a player to have a game like that. He has to help us more."

Calipari says he "better" get Jones where he needs to be if UK is going to have a successful season.

"It's important when you're not playing a whole lot of people. The guys that have to be on the court have to give it to you," Calipari said.

Liggins thinks that will happen with Jones.

"Sometimes as a young player, you just have to learn things the hard way. I know I did," Liggins said. "He's a huge part of our team. He didn't play bad, he just didn't play the way we know he can or that we need him to play."

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