Calipari's game preparation unchanged for UL

Fans might think that John Calipari would prepare differently for an opponent like Louisville than he did for opponents that do not have the word "rivalry" affixed to discussion of the game. They would be wrong, the Kentucky coach prepares for each opponent the same way.

Kentucky coach John Calipari prepares for each opponent as if they are the biggest game of the year. Calipari spoke of the need to prepare for each and every opponent on the schedule the same, because for each opponent the game with Kentucky may be the biggest on their schedule.

Calipari said, "I have to have my guys ready for every game. Every game we play is someone's super bowl. The next game will be someone's super bowl. Every game we play in the league is someone's super bowl. Every game we played is in a sold out arena, and it's the biggest game on their schedule. We can't make one game more important than any other, but in this state, we understand and the players will understand when the game starts. The guys that don't understand it will feel it. You will feel it."

While Calipari's game preparation is approached the same, he does know that the game will be more intense.

Calipari explained, "This game will be approached like every other game. And I say it's the next game on our schedule. If we win, it's a huge game. But, it's really just the next game on our schedule. The preparation on how we have gone after it in practice, it's all going to be the same. We never change that depending on our opponent. My biggest thing is that you have to be ready. The intensity of the game is going to be crazy. You better be ready to play with holds, and pushes, and shoves. It's going to be a physical game. You better be able to finish around the rim, because if you think you are going to be able to go up, and nobody is going to go after it, and nobody is going to hit your body, (you're mistaken). If you are going to rebound, you better get on a body because that body is going to be on you."

Junior Darius Miller confirmed what his coach said.

"He is the same. I don't think that I have ever seen him change up how he prepares for a game really. No matter what the game is he is the same, whether it is North Carolina, Louisville, all the teams. He carries himself the same way," said Miller.

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