Calipari on Pitino and Louisville

Kentucky's John Calipari spoke of his impressions of Rick Pitino, as well as Louisville's potent perimeter game.

Kentucky coach John Calipari spoke of his counterpart to the west, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

"I think (Rick Pitino) is doing a great job. Again, everybody thought he lost all of those guys, and they weren't going to be that good, and shoot, they are better. Typically what he does is he gets his team, he figures them out, they play to their strengths, and that's what they are doing. They are playing to their strengths. They do it very well, and they are doing it as well as anybody in the country. They play to win," said Calipari.

Will Louisville's perimeter shooting affect the way UK will play defense for the game?

The Kentucky coach said, "No, we won't change. What I will tell you is that if they make 17 contested shots, we are going to lose. Now, that's unless they shoot 70. In all likelihood, they are going to shoot 30 3's. They are shooting them whether you are on them or not. They are shooting 30 3's. If they make them, it's been a great start, who's next? I mean, when you are playing these types of teams that will shoot that many, some of it's that you are doing the best you can, but they are hitting tear-drop's off the lights and going in. They are capable of it."

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